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TESOL Curriculum

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching English Speakers of Other Languages Program students are required to take a minimum of 14 units of TESOL classes for completion. The curriculum focuses on preparing students to be teachers of English in the mission field. Teaching techniques, cultural sensitivity, the language of the mission field, as well as language concepts are taught.

Before completion of the Certificate each student will have practical experience in English as a Second Language classroom. Students will do research from which they will develop lesson plans. They will then teach these lessons while being observed and critiqued by a mentor. This program is designed to prepare each graduate to be effective in any ESL classroom.

TESL501 TIntroduction to TESOL Methods, Materials and Assessment 2
TESL502 Introduction to Language and Language Learning 2
TESL503 Structure of English Language and Teaching Methods 2
MINS610 Intercultural Studies 4
TESL504 ESL for Children 2
TESL505 Teaching Practicum 2

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