The Language Program upholds the Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals of Olivet University. Particularly the Language Program contributes to the University’s goal of equipping students with the practical skills to preach the Gospel effectively into and after the ‘network generation.'

Effective Christian Mission faces many obstacles that include barriers in language and culture. In order to effectively proclaim the gospel across multiple borders, learning languages is essential. OSLE’s Language Program is designed to prepare ministry bound men and women for work in interpretation and collaborations with other missionaries who are active or on sabbatical.

The objectives of the Language Program are to:
  • Provide the necessary language competencies needed within the missions profession.
  • Increase the ability of students function within the foreign culture to pursue further education in the mission field/foreign language.
  • Point out areas for further development and refinement of the mission field/foreign language communication skills.
  • Give assistance in gaining professional competence and knowledge of associations.