TESOL Course descriptions

TESL501 Introduction to TESOL Methods, Materials and Assessment (2 units)
  • Overview of Approaches and Methods
  • Teaching the Four Skills
  • Language in the Mission Field
  • Teaching Children
  • Technology and Language Teaching
  • Developing Classroom Tests and Assessment
TESL502 Introduction to Language and Language Learning (2 units)
  • Overview of Linguistic Descriptions of Language (Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, etc.)
  • Basics of First and Second Language Acquisition and everyday conversation
  • Differences between Children and Adults in Learning Language
  • Cultural and Religious Differences and Learning Styles
TESL503 Structure of English Language and Teaching Methods (2 units)
  • Second Language Reading, Writing and Grammar
  • Second Language Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation
  • Knowledge of methods, strategies, and resources that address the educational needs of ESL in their learning process, including the use of computer technology.
MINS610: Intercultural Studies (4 units)
  • Course description in the OTCS Master of Divinity program.
TESL504 ESL for Children (2 units)
  • Teaching Methods for ESL children (ACE curriculum)
  • Parental Involvement
TESL505 Teaching Practicum (2 units)
  • Lesson planning for various situations
  • Materials Evaluation & Preparation
  • Basic Classroom Research and Finding Answers to Teaching Questions
  • Professionalism: Resumes, Interviews, And Basic Professional Ethics
  • 10 hours Classroom Observation and Critiques
  • 10 Hours Classroom Teaching

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