MATI Course descriptions

COMM520 Cross-cultural Communication (4)

Study of culture, religion, a language of the mission field, with emphasis on the cultural aspect of every day conversation in mission language.

MITI500 Translation and Interpretation in Mission (4)

Theory and practice of translation and interpretation in a mission language.

MITI501 Simultaneous Interpretation of Preaching (4)

The student will practice simultaneous interpretation on the sermons by various pastors in mission language.

TRIP500 Introduction to Translation & Interpretation (4)

Principles and procedures for acquisition of skills in interpretation and translation of written materials. Includes an introduction to translation and interpretation; translation and interpretation preparation, procedures, and specialties; and work of the translator and interpreter.

TRIP510 Fundamentals of Translation (4)

Learn basic translation techniques and the process of translation. Includes a practical review of the English writing, editing, and proofreading skills necessary to produce clear and polished translations.

TRIP502 Fundamentals of Interpretation (4)

Learn the building blocks of interpreting, including analyzing, summarizing and paraphrasing, listening comprehension, shadowing, closure, and note taking.

TRIP533 Intermediate Translation (4)

This course is designed to enhance students’ translation techniques with an emphasis on a practical review of the writing and proofreading skills necessary to produce clear and polished translations.

TRIP534 Intermediate Consecutive Interpreting (4)

This course develops students' skills in consecutive interpreting. Listening and memory skills, communication strategies and intervention techniques also are emphasized. Upon completion, students should be able to consecutively interpret non-technical,interactive messages between two different languages.

TRIP540 Terminology Management & Research (4)

Students develop skills in terminology research, dictionary usage, and glossary building. Basic terminology in the fields of medicine,law, computers, business, and international trade are covered.

TRIP551 Advanced Translation (4)

This course is designed to bring students’ translation skills up to a professional level.

TRIP611 Advanced Consecutive Interpreting (4)

This course is designed to further enhance students’ skills in consecutive interpreting. Delivery and performance as well as listening and analytical skills are emphasized. Upon completion, students should be able to consecutively interpret technical and interactive messages.

TRIP621 Interpretation in Specialty Areas (4)

This course is designed to help students to further hone their interpreting skills in a variety of subject matters that are highly technical and frequently.

TRIP680 T&I Capstone Project (4)

This course is designed to satisfy the requirements for a capstone experience of master's degree in OSLE.

MPT700 Translation & Interpretation Internship (4)

Graduate students participate in supervised ministry in a church or specialized ministry appropriate with an approved Olivet ministry affiliate for at least 8 hours per week. Emphasis is placed on the development of practical ministry skills through translation and interpretation, the integration of Biblical and theological studies with actual ministry, and the importance of theological reflection in this process.

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