Language School Welcomes New ESL Faculty

October 11, 2019
The staff and students of Olivet School of Language Education welcomed its new ESL faculty member Lisa Baer for the Fall quarter.

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ESL Concludes Summer, Field Trip to Christian-Themed Art Site

August 29, 2019
ESL students from Olivet School of Language Education concluded the 2019 Summer quarter with a field trip to the Salvation Mountain site.

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MATI Students Benefit from Lectures by U.S. State Senior Interpreter

June 26, 2019
Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (MATI) students were glad to receive two lectures on Consecutive Interpretation from Paul Hersy, a senior diplomatic interpreter who had worked...

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MATI Students Learn Terminology Research and Glossary Building

May 23, 2019
Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation students from Olivet language school improve their terminology research and glossary building skills in the Terminology Management & Research...

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ESL Students Learn the Four Keys to Productive Academic Discussion

April 03, 2019
In the last week of March, the Olivet School of Language Education welcomed two professional instructors Maria Castillo and Erin Myles from the Hemet Unified School District English Language...

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OSLE's Reading Program Helps ESL Students Improve English Skills

March 05, 2019
In order to improve the English reading, listening and speaking skills, the Olivet School of Language Education (OSLE) at Olivet University (OU) main campus recently started a reading program...

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Language School Instructor Reflects on His Commission

October 22, 2018
The Olivet Institute of Language Education (OSLE) had an exclusive interview with instructor Eric Rosales on teaching at Olivet University (OU).

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OSLE Opening Practicum Course for TESOL Program Fall Quarter

August 23, 2018
The Olivet School of Language Education (OSLE) released a list of programs that are aimed at improving students' English-learning skills. Introduction to TESOL Methods,

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ESL Night Show Held in Riverside Campus

June 02, 2018
Concluding the Spring Quarter, ESL students held a wonderful ESL Night with graceful performances on at the Riverside Campus.

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Personal Paths to TOEFL Success: Olivet Students Share Their Techniques

June 25, 2017
When a student dreams of their higher education experience they have many options to choose from. In America alone there are over 4,000 colleges and universities and within those institutions...

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Conversational English and American Culture: a Delicious Combination

May 30, 2017
As summer approaches the thoughts of outside activities in the warm weather begin to surface for us all. Some day dream of going to the beach other hiking. Still others dream of barbequing and...

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Mission Minded Olivet Students Serve and Teach to Evangelize

May 07, 2017
As a University of biblical higher education, Olivet is dedicated to training ministry-bound men and women to revolutionize the world. Students take classes to improve their biblical understanding,...

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