BA CDS Curriculum

1. Bachelor of Arts Degree Core (No less than 108 units required)

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Core is divided into three main areas: (1) B.A. Core Requirement; (2) B.A. Core Distribution; (3) General Ministry Skills. See “Bachelor of Arts Degree Core Curriculum” section for the comprehensive course list.

  • I. B.A. Core Requirement (60 units)
  • II. B.A. Core Distribution (48 units)
  • III. General Ministry Skills (0 unit)
2. Major Courses (No less than 48 units required)
  • Children's Development Studies Core Courses (24 units)
  • Complete the following six (6) core courses:

    • CDVS150 Philosophy of Christian Education (4 units)
    • CDVS170 Introduction to Ideas and Methods of Charlotte Mason (4 units)
    • CDVS210 Exploring Inspirational Subjects (4 units)
    • CDVS240 Exploring Disciplinary Subjects (4 units)
    • CDVL340 Investigations into Habit Formation (4 units)
    • CDVS350 Fostering Early Childhood Growth (4 units)
  • Children's Development Studies Elective Courses (24 units)
  • Choose six (6) or more courses from list below:

    • CDVS100 Child Growth and Development (4 units)
    • CDVS110 Child, Parent, and Community Relations (4 units)
    • CDVS120 Curriculum Development and the Learning Atmosphere (4 units)
    • CDVS130 Health, Safety and Nutrition (4 units)
    • CDVS140 Children’s Literacy Development (4 units)
    • CDVS160 Philosophical Foundations of Educational Methods (4 units)
    • CDVS200 Infant and Toddler Development (4 units)
    • CDVS220 Children's Literature (4 units)
    • CDVS230 Exploring Mathematics with Children (4 units)
    • CDVS300 Exploring Art and Movement with Children (4 units)
    • CDVS310 Art and Handicrafts for Educators (4 units)
    • CDVS320 Music and Art Appreciation (4 units)
    • CDVS330 Behavior Management and Guidance of School Age Children (4 units)
    • CDVS400 Introduction to Administration of Early Childhood Education (4 units)
    • CDVS410 Administration and Supervision of Early Programs (4 units)
    • CDVS420 Supervised Field Work (4 units)
    • CDVS430 Special Topics (1-4 units)
3. Ministry Practice (No less than 9 units required)

B.A. in Children's Developmental Studies students are required to complete 9 units of internship credits either in Practicum or Field Experience. Students may take up to 1 additional credit toward graduation. For more information, please see the Ministry Practice Handbook.

CDVS-INTERN 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290 (1 each)

4. Open Elective (No less than 16 units required)

B.A. in Children's Developmental Studies students are required to take an additional 16 units of open electives. The electives can be chosen from any courses, including Children's Development Studies Elective Courses, from OU's Undergraduate Catalog.

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