ESL Student Tips for Success

April 11, 2017

For some students math classes are easy and a real breeze, for others math is difficult frustrating and any assignment feels insurmountable. The same could be true for a student in an English class, especially a students in an English as a Second Language class. Many students find that even though they studied English in school it may have been several years ago or their English in practice is different that textbook English.

To help you succeed as an Olivet ESL student there are a few tips to consider and put into practice. Every student can be a successful student if they put forth the right amount of effort and focus.

Tip #1 Humble yourself and take it slow.

Many ESL students want to rush through ESL classes so they can move onto their specific area of study. It is good to be excited about your future but it is also important to focus on what is in front of you. Your classes will not be in your native language, neither will be your textbooks, your assignments or exams. Taking your time in ESL to develop your language to a college level is very important to your future success.

Tip #2 Understand that classroom time and book assignments are not enough.

The goal of the ESL program is to elevate your language skills to that of a college student. This is an achievable goal however it takes more than just sitting in the classroom and doing the assignments. Successful students are engaged in class, participating, asking and answering questions. When they do their assignments they want to understand why they may have gotten an answer wrong and seek the right answer. Successful students know that is it also important to study outside of class.

Tip #3 Focus on your strengthening your weaknesses.

Every student has both strengths and weaknesses. As a student there is little need to spend extra time working on your strength, you are already good in this area. Instead it will benefit you to work most on your area of weakness. Do some research on how to improve in this area and begin your independent study.

Tip #4 Create study time in your daily routine.

As the old saying goes “time flies when you are having fun” and the same is true of our time each day. College students are very busy and as an ESL student it will be important that you add some study time into your routine. Even if it is only 20 minutes while you eat, maximize what you have and create a routine so that studying does not get overlooked.

Tip #5 Study what interests you.

There are oodles of resources on the internet for studying English and improving your skills. Find information and resources that interest you. For example, if you are poor in listening and you are interested in ocean animals, watch shows about ocean animals with subtitles. You can improve your skills and enjoy your content. Everyone can and will be successful when they put forward the right amount of effort towards their goal. At Olivet we know that one of your goals is to share the gospel with others. Sharing these tips is just one small way we are working together to help you achieve your goals.